Saturday 26 March 2011

Great Hall at Mains Singleton

Only one wedding cake this week a five tier Chocolate Curls Cake decorated with Chocolate Rose’s and Lilies in Ivory and Shades of Pink, made for Ingrid and Alan who had their big day a the Great Hall at Mains Singleton.

Alan and Ingid Great Hall at mainsClose up cake Alan and Ingid Great Hall at mains

This was the first time I had visited the Great Hall at Mains and I wasn’t disappointed it looked superb, and I bumped into our friend Jason of Flower Design fame who had done a lovely job of making a great venue look even better with his team totally stunning flowers. I also must say thanks to him for letting me use his Pictures!


Above is Jason at The great Hall and below some lovely shots of the venue on the day, and I must say I was impressed by the Horse’s!! that’s the way to make a entrance!!

flowers design Great Hall mainsHorse and CartAlan and Ingid Great Hall at mains venue

Friday 25 March 2011

New Blog from Specialized Cakes

I will be keeping this Blog for all things Wedding, giving Brides all as much useful infomation as possible and showing off our Cakes!! Without clogging the blogging with the many birthday cakes and other special occasion cakes we make.

I will of course keep updated with all the fun smaller cakes we do!!